About Me

Hi there! I am Rumki Paul, the cook, writer and photographer of this Food Blog. I am really very happy that you are here and thank you so much for your interest in my blog.

I was born in India in a small town in Assam in the realms of the great Brahmaputra river. I spent most of my childhood there in an amalgamated culture of Assam and West Bengal. This is when I always found my Mom collecting newspaper cut-outs of recipes (a very passionate hobby during those days) and experimenting them in her Kitchen Laboratory. She has always been creative in adding her own twist to numerous recipes. This is where I slowly developed my interest in the same field. I never hesitated to feedback her with my naughty expert comments on those dishes (Hehehehe..!!).

After completing my years of Engineering, I started working as a Software Engineer in Bengaluru. I stayed as a paying guest there and this is where I first independently started my Food experiments. I used to spend hours with my Mom on the phone to understand various recipes and then try it on my own.

After my marriage, when I had to move to London for my Husband’s job, my husband encouraged me to the world of Blogging after observing my deep passion for cooking over the years. I was also delighted at the idea after realising that this would ideally provide me an opportunity to put down all my food experiments in one single place. I hope you will enjoy my recipes. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact me.

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